May 1, 2023 – (Orlando, Fla. and Richmond, Va.) – TMRW Sports, which is focused on building progressive approaches to sports, media, and entertainment today formally announced a multi-year partnership with CapTech Ventures, Inc. (CapTech), an award-winning technology consulting firm, in support of TGL, a primetime, tech-forward golf league and the first project of TMRW Sports.

CapTech is building a custom solution to aggregate all league competition data and game play technologies, including a golf simulator, launch monitors, motion capture, biometric data, and fan-driven experiences. CapTech will also organize data for real-time analysis and decision making by the golfers, including a custom-built app that they will use during the competition. Additionally, CapTech is developing and building a custom competition management platform to enable TGL to execute matches in a technology-driven competition. 

CapTech has been working with TMRW Sports since October, 2022, and has also been integrally involved in planning TGL tech testing sessions. 

“I’m incredibly excited to be partnering with TMRW Sports to support TGL,” said Sandy Williamson, CapTech Chairman. “This partnership enables us to support the growth of the game through cutting-edge technology and mixed media. The vision of TMRW Sports’s founders – Mike McCarley, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy – is to create a new approach to entertainment, and CapTech is well positioned to support that.”

“CapTech’s experience and expertise with complex data systems in live sports has helped us to identify opportunities and develop solutions to capitalize on them,” said Andrew Macaulay, Chief Technology Officer, TMRW Sports. “We knew immediately that they were the right partner as we reimagine golf in this hybrid format of virtual and live competition.”

“I am completely impressed with the scale of work they have been willing to roll up their sleeves on,” said Scott Armstrong, Vice President of Gameplay and Tech Integration, TMRW Sports. “They inspire critical thinking which leads to improvements to our product. The CapTech team, from top to bottom, quickly came to understand what we are trying to create and have been in lock step with us the entire time. CapTech has been one of our most-trusted advisors.” 

CapTech has worked with several leading sports organizations – including the PGA TOUR, PGA of America and NASCAR – leveraging data and technology to create next-level experiences that shape the future of sports. Their work across competition data and scoring systems, data-driven customer journeys, and innovation and strategy help clients modernize and drive growth. CapTech is also a national Trustee of First Tee, a renowned organization dedicated to developing character in young people through the game of golf.